BG Mplus
BG – 41-2

M+SUSU, the first energy drink + milk in the world.

The unique blend of energy drinks plus milk provides double benefits: energy and endurance, so you can maintain your health every day. Available in 5 variants: Original, Grape, Orange, Strawberry, and Mango (our newest flavour).

M+ is a powdered energy drink in sachet form. Gives you extra energy when needed.
Because it is sugar free, M+ is good for daily activities.

AMH Herbal Red Ginger is a powder drink made only from herbal ingredients such as red ginger, nigella sativa, ginseng, honey and other natural ingredients that maintain your immune system. Carefully selected from high quality ingredients, AMH Herbal Red Ginger is known to cure various diseases. AMH contains the most complete herbal blend.

AMH Etawa Goat is a healthy drink made from Etawa goat milk which has the highest nutritional composition, making AMH Etawa Goat the right choice to meet your family’s nutritional needs. AMH Etawa Goat Milk, highly nutritious and gentle on the stomach.

Ginger 41 is a healthy powder drink made only from 41 weeks old red ginger. This ensures the best ginger taste and functionally warms your whole body for a long time. The high-quality ingredients in Ginger 41 protect you from colds, illnesses and colds. Ginger 41, always keep you warm and healthy.

Available in 5 variants: 41 Ginger Coffee, 41 Ginger Milk, 41 Ginger Tea with Lime, 41 Chocolate Ginger Milk, and 41 Green Bean Ginger Milk